Greetings, you fantasy football degenerates known as PurpleMonkeyDishwasher. Due to the time, travel and brain-cells that were lost to Adam's bachelor weekend, I was unable to perform to my giffy-self, but after a year-long hiatus I'm proud to reintroduce my infamous Draft Visual Recap. Since the brainiacs at Yahoo Sports decided to remove the ability to embed images into message board posts, I'm forced to host this cornucopia of visual content on my own website, which hosts much of the other stupid things I make out Californy way. Feel free to browse after the recap.
But without further ado, I present to you the 2018 PurpleMonkeyDishwasher Draft Visual Recap!

Me on the outside heading into the 2018-2019 Football Season

Me on the inside heading into our draft.

Cliff racing home to make it in time.

Griff reminding everyone he won last year by changing his team name.

How everyone feels about Griff's new team name.

Andrew and Max drafting at Andrew's place.

And everyone else drafting (myself included).

The Early Rounds

Picks 1-8

Adam debating between Kamara and Barkley.

Cliff using his first pick on Aaron Rodgers

The league disagreeing with taking a QB so early but low key jealous they won't get Arod.

Except Hillman, who reacted to Cliff's pick like this.

Me signing OBJ, even though I picked Fournette and Gordon in literally every mock draft. Go Giants!

Watching Griff take Alex Collins at the top of the 3rd when his ADP is top of the 5th...

Andrew taking Davante Adams knowing Keenan Allen would come back

Me letting go of my obsession with Travis Kelce and drafting Hilton instead.

Mike drafting Thielen after reports he left practice with an injury.

Max drafting a Bronco and making his team name even punnier.

Steve thinking Deshaun Watson will finish as a Top-5 QB.

League reaction on Adam's first risky pick in Shady

Adam's reaction

Mike nabbing Fitzy at the bottom of the 5th

The league's reaction when Cliff drafted a second TE and no RBs through the first 6 rounds.

Cliff's response.

Me drafting Josh Gordon in a year he might actually play football.

Bernie drafting Wentz even though he might not start the season.

The Middle Rounds

Me taking Big Ben after the first QB run.

Mike embracing chaos and taking Mahomes

League reaction when Adam took his next risky pick Alshon Jeffrey

Adam's response.

Steve reaching for Chris Carson.

Griff taking the first IDP off the board.

Watching Adam and Mike snag the QB2s I was targeting, then realizing I missed the start of IDP run and probably could’ve waited on Carr

And when Cliff sniped Watt from me.

Bernard taking Mack, yet another player who might not be playing to start the season.

Me buying the reports that Jordan Reed is healthy and drafting him expecting he'll play.

Adam indulging his inner fanboy and drafting Adrian Peterson yet again.

The Late Rounds

Andrew taking Bortles when he already has two Top-5 QBs. You dork.

Max drafting Corey Clement, the Eagles 4th RB.

The league watching Cliff draft a third TE (you know you can only play 2 at a time, right Cliff?)

Griff taking Dez Bryant like he took Deshaun Watson last year.

Cliff drafting Flacco and asking if there's anything wrong with him.

My astonishment when Manning, Keenum and Flacco were drafted and I had to settle for Ryan Tannehill. 

And that's the Draft Visual Recap. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did making it, which was extensively. Good luck this season. Until then, suck it bitches and I'll see ya in the playoffs!
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