Pizza Party
A satiric take on the infamous article on Aziz Ansari, Pizza Party was written,
directed, produced, edited and performed by Jordan.
Dr. Rabbi Moshe Dovid Bernstein

New Episodes of Dr. Rabbi Moishe Dovid Bernstein will be released weekly from January 23rd 2018 through March 20th

Dr. Rabbi Moshe Dovid Bernstein is a comedy web series created by Jordan Bielsky about the eponymous rabbi-therapist and the bizarre patients seeking his sage wisdom. Jordan Ledy edited the first season and recently wrapped production as director on season two. He also wrote two episodes and acted in one. Season 2 is available on YouTube here.
Arun Considers
Winner of the LA Indie Film Festival's Best Web Series in 2017, Arun Considers takes you through the inner monologue of Arun as he tackles big issues like race, sexism, and facial hair. Jordan directed two episodes of the second season, Evolution and Fame, and the first episode of Volume 3, The Matrix. He's also a featured actor in the Vol. 3 episode Listening.
Evil Apple Devices
What do our devices talk about? Cat videos? Selfies? The destruction of their human masters?
Written, Directed, Filmed, Edited, and partially voiced by Jordan Ledy.
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